November 2nd, 2020

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Doing what I can to stay sane

I wasn't on very much yesterday due to things so didn't post. Oops. My time online today was limited, too, mostly because I'm trying to stay away from news as much as possible this week. I just can't and keep a level head about it all. I'll got nuts.

I baked today - salted caramel apple hand pies - that didn't turn out half bad, but not worth doing again. The pastry was good, but the instructions were just atrocious and there were way too many things about it I would change to make better. I also got to see a friend today for the first time since last spring. She stopped by to pick up some shelving storage units I was getting rid of, and we got to chat for a little bit. Oh, and a teensy bit of writing happened, but I kept getting drawn away from the computer so emphasis there is on the teensy.

I've never done nano before - mostly because I've never had a problem hitting 50k in a month - but the past two years have been hard for me in that regard. So, I'm giving it a go this month. I have no idea if it will work, but I'm willing to try anything at this point.

New meme questions!

Yesterday's: Who is one of your “saints”—a person who was very influential in your faith, spirituality, or life philosophy?
I was raised Lutheran, but I consider myself agnostic these days, so anything religious is out. I'm pretty sure my life philosophy has evolved over the years by wanting to treat people differently than the way I was treated growing up/as a young adult, so there's definitely nobody there who qualifies as a saint, lol.

Today's: Have you ever considered moving because of an election result?
Seriously? No. We joked about it in 2016, and we've chatted about it this past year, but the reality is, both kids are in college right now and we don't need any kind of financial upheaval, regardless of how we feel about the politicians in office. We recognize we're very privileged in that a lot of what we fear happening if there's another four years of Trump won't affect us directly for quite a while (if ever). It doesn't change the fact that Trump is dangerous and bad for this country and the world, in general, however.

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