October 25th, 2020

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Sunday 7

As the election nears, I find myself clinging to, and searching for, things that make me smile more and more.

1. Today was my second attempt at a coffee sponge for Craig. Last week's was too dry for me, so I tried a different recipe with a cream cheese/mascarpone filling instead of a buttercream. I forgot to adjust slightly for the extra half inch bigger my pans are, so the rise wasn't great, but it turned out much better than last weekend. I don't even like coffee sponge and I actually had more than a little sliver than it. I'm considering it a win.

2. I adore this video done by a UK dad about wearing masks.

3. I discovered the beauty that is Lewis Tan:

4. I ordered Christmas earrings for myself. No, I don't think it's too early. I'm going to cling to this holiday with every fiber of my being this year.

5. I introduced three American friends to the glory that is clotted cream.

6. I colored my hair this morning to get rid of my gray for a while. It won't last long, but it makes me happy.

7. Craig washed my car! Trust me. That was definitely smile-inducing. It was covered in ash, but he was waiting until we had a decent enough break so the effort wouldn't be wasted.

Today's meme question: If you were on a jury, would you be willing to convict a person for something you didn't think should be considered a crime?
Of course. Hopefully, if I did hold such an opinion, I'd be excluded during jury selection.

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