October 17th, 2020

cooking: sunlitdays

Getting it done

I woke up at 6:30 this morning, unable to go back to sleep. That's early for me. I force myself to get up at 7am on Thursdays since I have to be at the library at 9, but usually, my preferred wake-up time is around 8 since I'm rarely asleep before midnight. I put that early hour to work though, and did a ton of stuff so that my day would be productive, including making quinoa and kale soup in the slow cooker for lunch, updating two websites, and cleaning my kitchen.

All of that stopped at noon, but hey, at least my morning was productive.

I made the most amazing salad for dinner tonight. I looked around to see if I could find it online to share, but couldn't, so I'm going to reproduce it here. It's a corn and edamame salad with a ginger-lime dressing, and ohmigod, it was so yummy. I could've eaten all of it and still wanted more. The dressing is divine. The sesame oil puts it over the top.

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Today's meme question: If a movie were being made of your life, which actor would play the starring role?

I thought way too long about this question, lol. Seriously. I've been sitting here for almost twenty-five minutes, wracking my brains about who would be a good fit. All things considered, I'm going with Aidy Bryant. She's not that far off physically, and I think she could handle more serious material on top of the funny stuff. Or, if I get to idealize a little bit, Hayley Atwell. She's thinner than I am and her bone structure is way better, but hey, I'm idealizing here.

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