October 11th, 2020

merlin - percival victory: petits-bouts

Sunday 7

There might be a trend in what made me happy this week.

1. It started when I stumbled across this video of Bradley James doing a Merlin quiz last April. He has surprise guests!

2. Then, the Unicorn Theatre dropped this video this week of Colin Morgan reading "The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs." Colin looks especially yummy.

3. Then yesterday, I saw the recording from NYCNext of their pop-up event of Broadway performers doing "Sunday" from Sunday in the Park with George. It's an absolutely beautiful performance.

4. I got my new Christmas decoration for the year. They're adorable and don't take up a ton of space.

5. From our rewatch of S6 Buffy this week, I still cheer at Giles's entrance at the end of "Two to Go." It's in my top 5 BtVS moments. Not scenes. These are the moments that punch me in the gut, make me laugh hysterically, or give me a surge of adrenaline. The other four are, in no particular order:

a) Buffy miming staking vampires during Giles's presentation in "Hush."
b) The Spuffy kiss at the end of OMWF. When that originally aired, I replayed that damn kiss too many times to count.
c) The moment when Oz kisses Willow's forehead right before he leaves.
d) Spike's reaction to Buffy's death at the end of S5

6. I completely redid my bath area with a new corner shelving unit, apothecary jars for my oils and salts, and candles. It's so pretty now.

7. We got an expansion of one of our favorite games this week, so we've been playing it all weekend. Quality time with family, and two nights where I didn't have to cook dinner.

Today's meme question: What’s a form of entertainment that everyone seems to enjoy, but that you do not?
I have never really understood the draw of anime. It just does nothing for me.

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