October 10th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I deserved a quiet day

I stayed away from the computer most of the day, doing errands this morning and gaming with the family this afternoon. Of course, now that dinner's over, everybody is off doing their own thing so here I am, but it helped not seeing any news or headlines for a few hours. I picked up what I need to do my baking this week, too. I'll be making pecan pie cheesecake bars and orange candy corn bars. I wasn't sure if I'd get the GBBO cake cookbook I ordered in time, so settled on something simpler and more seasonal. I've also lined up my list of friends to pass stuff along to so we're not stuck eating all the sugar.

Today's question: Have you ever called someone the wrong name during sex or been called the wrong name by your partner?

Nope. However, once, when Craig and I had first started dating, he was in a dressing room trying on sweaters and called out for me to come see because I'd gone wandering since he was taking so long. Except he didn't call my name. He called for his ex-wife. Needless to say, I was not pleased, though in hindsight, I should be grateful it happened there and not during sex.

And he was so appalled at what he'd done, he never did it again.

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