October 9th, 2020

mood - not amused: ruuger

Can this week get any worse? Oops, did I just jinx myself?

I just want this week to be over, damn it. It's been one cluster after another.

Three weeks ago, Craig was informed of suspicious charges on his credit card. He didn't make them, so the card was canceled, and he was issued a new card. He was mildly annoyed because it happened just after we'd donated to listen to The Princess Bride reading, but, in the end, no foul, right?

Well. Until his new card came at the end of last week, he was using our back-up card, a card that never gets used. Only a handful of charges went on it before he started using his new card. He'd only done a few of those when, this morning, he discovered that not only had his new card been used fraudulently in the last 24 hours, but so was the back-up card he'd been using. The evidence clearly indicates it's three different hackers stealing his credit card information, so now those two cards have to be canceled and re-issued. He's especially annoyed because he's pretty sure the new one got stolen when he contributed to helping a co-worker deal with paying for his father's funeral (he died last week of Covid) in India. Craig walked out of his office this morning, saying, "I am never helping anyone again."

People suck. I hate this world right now.

Today's meme question: Are you musically inclined? Do you sing or play an instrument?

I play the piano, flute, and guitar, but none of them great. I learned piano first when I had a few lessons in third grade, then taught myself the rest which means I have a lot of very bad habits. I learned the flute when I was in middle school band and surprised Alicia with how much I remembered when she started playing in fifth grade. I picked up the guitar almost fifteen years ago, but I dabble more than anything else. I sing a little bit, too, but not in front of other people most of the time. The one and only time I had to sing in a show was in a musical version of the children's show, "The Velveteen Rabbit," where I played the mean Nana who took care of the little boy. It had such showstoppers as "Top Banana Nana" and all the small children were terrified of me so you can guess how that went. Well, all except one adorable five-year-old who glued herself to me and told all the other kids they were stupid to be scared because I was the nicest person in the show, lol.

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