October 8th, 2020

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Trying to medicate with television

It's hard to stay positive when so much crappy stuff is happening in this country. I'm terrified about what'll happen in a month if Trump loses. I'm not saying when, no matter what the polls are currently saying. They were saying Clinton was way ahead at this point four years ago, and look where that got us. But after the news from Michigan, I wouldn't be surprised if there were similar groups dotted throughout the country, ready to finish what they couldn't. And still, Trump attacks Whitmer? I'm not surprised, of course. The man is trash, and those who have been enabling him for the sake of power and money for the past four years are just as bad. We watched the debate last night, but we started drinking when Pence started up with the lies. Like we're all stupid.


I don't mean to be such a downer. I'm just dealing with physical stuff on top of that, flare ups that I don't know how got triggered, a swollen eyelid when the stye I had over the weekend is gone, and a bad stomach because I've gotten lazy the past few days about drinking English tea. It makes it hard to keep from letting it all overwhelm me, even when I try to stay away from the news.

So what did Craig and I do over dinner? Watch Buffy. Wanna know what episodes we watched? Hell's Bells, Normal Again, and Entropy. I made him stop before Seeing Red because I'd had enough angst for the night. That being said, I actually LOVE Normal Again. I used to be in a minority about that. I wonder if I still am. But I love the way it all twists around to make it look like a schizophrenic delusion, as well as the way they leave the ending so ambiguous. Oh, and something else I was wondering about the non-wedding. Where was Giles?!? Why didn't he come back for it? I can't remember if an excuse is ever given.

Oh, and I watched The Great British Baking Show when I got home from work today. Because, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, I've never actually seen it. I miss English baking. I'm going to start doing more of it.

Today's meme question: What’s the most unusual or random item in your purse, bag, or wallet?

I actually went to go look to see how to answer this. My instinct before I did was to say Cetaphil wipes. I started carrying them when I went back to work. Masks make me sweat so much that I take them off during my break and clean my face to try and fight the acne that wants to erupt.

However, now that I've looked, I have to say the most random item in my purse is a pocket-sized, bound copy of the Constitution of the United States. Our adult services librarian got a whole stack of them for some reason earlier this year and gave us all one. So I carry it around with me now. Because it seems like I should.

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