October 6th, 2020

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Crappy day

Today sucked. It was just one cluster after another.

1. Woke up from nightmares. Not fun.
2. Left for work three different times. Had to pull back into driveway twice because first forgot mask, then forgot phone.
3. Pulled into library parking lot at time I'm supposed to start. Nobody is there.
4. Ten minutes later, only aides and a sub have shown up. I text a librarian and a librarian assistant to ask what's going on.
5. Librarian shows up 15 minutes later to let us in. He's taking a mental health day because his 89 y/o dad has pneumonia and isn't expected to last the day.
6. Everything goes wrong with opening. Because the library has been closed for almost a week due to bad air quality, there are a TON of holds ready to pick up since it's the first good day again. Half of them are scheduled when we open, and I only have 20 minutes to get them ready. On top of that, half of the kids grab bag selections are depleted and three different appointments at opening are requesting them. FML.
7. Finally get around to checking stuff in 90 minutes later than usual. That's a mess. One mass market paperback gets returned to us without a cover and a sticky note that says "I'll pay for this." I end up with a stack of empty DVD cases because people are forgetting to put them back into the case before dropping them off. People are idiots.
8. Have 30 minutes at end of shift to shelf-read which I find relaxing. Check the log to see what needs done, pick a section nobody has started yet, and make good progress. When I go back to record where I left off, I discover an identical entry to the one I just made on a line for an entirely different section. Apparently, the aide that worked on Saturday logged what she'd done in the wrong place, which is the SECOND time she's done this in two weeks. On top of that, she didn't even do a good enough job because I found two books that need to be removed from the collection. I'm livid and tell the librarian who has come in to cover, asking her to explain it/show it to the aide (since the aide is coming in to work an hour after I leave).
9. Arrive home to discover that the one job I asked Alex to do while I was gone didn't happen.
10. To top it all off, Trump is a dick, spreading all this misinformation and then having the balls today to call off negotiations for stimulus packages that will help Americans in favor of his damn judicial nominee who is a massive threat to our society anyway.
11. Then I saw Eddie Van Halen died. Fuck.

I ordered pizza and Cinnabon for dinner. I deserved it.

Today's question from the meme: What was your favorite thing to make-believe when you were a child?

Most of my playground games were make-believe based. The Boxcar Children was a favorite for my three best friends and I for two whole years. A game I called "poor people" where we were farmers ala Little House on the Prairie and had to sell eggs and stuff in order to buy things from the Sears catalog. My cousin (who was a year older than I) commandeered me and my middle sister to play Charlie's Angels every time she came to visit, from the time I was 9 until we were in high school. We never actually solved cases. It was always about trying out to be an Angel.

But my favorite make-believe thing, that went on from the time I was 10 all the way until I moved out to college, was based on this picture my great-grandmother had hanging in her bedroom. It was a print of a 9-paned window, and in each pane was a different exterior view. I used to lay in her room and just stare at that picture for hours, pretending I was going through the window to the world on the other side. Anywhere else than where I actually was.

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