October 5th, 2020

mood - writing is hard (arthur): kathyh

Who knew Mondays could be productive?

I actually got writing done today, woo hoo! Plus, I've titled it, as well as this first part (most likely, it'll be a two part/8k fic for Seasonal Spuffy when it's all done). There's still another story I'd like to have ready for Seasonal Spuffy, but I'm not yet at a place to start it. I'm on the schedule for mid-November, though, so there's still time. And, if I don't get to it, at least I'll have this other fic to post.

It was also a day of errands. Alicia and I ran out this afternoon to return some clothes we'd ordered online, then came home with delicious coffee drinks. Then at 5, Craig and I finally got to Costco. I picked up dinner stuff and my new Christmas decoration (a set of three figures - a reindeer, a snowman, and Santa - all holding an ornament that lights up) for the year. Then we watched Fargo. We've loved the previous seasons on this, but we're still trying to get a grip on how this one is going to play out. We're enjoying it, but it got ratcheted up more with last night's episode, since it introduced Timothy Olyphant as a new character. We adore him. I'll watch him in just about anything. And have.

Today's meme question: What are you a geek about?

So much stuff. I'm probably somewhere between a geek and a nerd because I do have serious math love and my social skills might be a tad on the questionable side, but this is about geekdom. I'm a gamer geek, most definitely. Pop culturally, there's Buffy, fanfic, 80s movies, Hunger Games, and more. I geek out over books, anything involving organization, grammar, theater. Yep. Big ol' geek.

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