October 4th, 2020

btvs - buffy warrior: stephie04

Sunday 7

Things I need to remember that made me smile this week, even though it was otherwise blah:

1. My new computer! I finally have it completely up the way I want it, and while my new mouse will take some getting used to, I love the way the keyboard feels so far. I might actually get some writing done tomorrow.

2. The fact that the Proud Boys hashtag has been overwhelmed on Twitter by gay men posting pics.

3. Getting to switch my Buffy calendar to October and away from Bangel.

4. The RBG masks I ordered the day after she died finally arrived.

5. Yesterday, Alicia got a DM from someone on Instagram after she posted some videos of Chico. Turns out, it was one of his original owners, someone who had had to give up due to a Covid move, and she wanted to tell Alicia how happy she was that Chico had such an amazing home. That made me feel good. :)

6. The one good thing to come out of the debate is the return of the Joe/Barack memes that were so prevalent during the 2016 transition. Like this one:

7. Wine. Seriously. It's been a necessity this week.

And today's meme question: What’s something a lot of people seem to fear that doesn’t frighten you?

Snakes. I'm completely not bothered by them. I even had to handle one for a show in college, where I played a snake handler and had to wrap it around my arms.

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