October 3rd, 2020

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Books, books, and more books

I didn't get nearly as many errands done today as I expected. We went to Best Buy, so I have a brand new mouse for my laptop, then went to pick up the games I bought. When we got to Costco at lunchtime, though, the place was so packed I made Craig leave without stopping. There weren't even any carts outside, that's how crowded it was. Totally not worth it.

We came home and spent four hours this afternoon going through 20+ years of computer and business books that Craig wants to get rid of. Most of them are too out of date to be of any use, but we can get over $125 for the rest from used book places who will pay for the shipping so that's something, I suppose. Doing it got me out of cooking dinner, anyway. We ordered Chinese and then I went upstairs to read.

I opened my Introverts Retreat box. I recorded the unboxing, but I've decided I look too tired in it to actually post it, lol. I got a book called The Awkward Age by Francesca Segal. I didn't already own it, and it wasn't on my radar, but it doesn't look too bad. Plus, I specifically asked for them to surprise me with genre, so I can't complain if I don't like it, right? It also came with a bookmark, a candle that smells like cotton and iris, chai black tea, chai cookies, a shower shimmer that smells amazing, and a bar of wild-flower scented soap. Would I do this again? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I will. The extras are kind of nice, and I can make the book my bath reading. I think rather than get a subscription, though, I'll just get a new box when I finish the book. If I only read it in the bath, it's likely to take me longer than a month to get through, lol.

The only bad part about today is I have a small stye on my left eye, and it's annoying. It's not too painful yet. I'm going to put a warm cloth over it when I'm done posting, so hopefully that will help it subside soon.

Day 3 of the meme: What do you think people’s first impression of you is when they meet you?

I suck at figuring this out. I've been accused in the past - more than once - of coming across as a snob or condescending because I don't talk much (if at all) when I first meet someone in an unfamiliar setting. I'm not. I'm just really shy and most often don't know what to say, so I err on not saying anything at all. But because I was teased/bullied so much when I was young about being poor, I'm super self-conscious about how I present myself physically. I don't wear make-up at home (or at work, now that we're not seeing the public), but anywhere else where people I don't know might see me for the first time? You bet I do.

I wish people's first impression of me was of someone nice. Who knows?

Oh, though I do know that people always think I'm younger than I actually am. Thank you, Mom, for the good genes!

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