October 2nd, 2020

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Day 2 of CBD oil: Last night, I ended up feeling more energized and focused after I'd posted, but tonight, nada. It's been two hours, and that sense I had last night is nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was an anomaly.

Work was good. My manager is only with us for four more days. There's no telling who will replace her. Two of the three other librarians we have on staff applied for her job, but there's no telling who will get it. Things are such in an uproar in our system. It's entirely possible there could be more cutbacks in the future, too. Until then, I will be grateful I get to work there.

Tomorrow is a busy day of errands. Best Buy, because I need a Bluetooth mouse for my new laptop before I can get any writing done. Our game store, because I bought two games I have to pick up. And CostCo, because it's time for me to get my annual Christmas decoration. Provided I haven't missed them already.

Day 2 of the meme: What do you like most about fall?

Cooler weather and preparing for the upcoming holidays. Except it's not cool yet here in the Bay Area. It's going to be 93F here tomorrow and 91F on Sunday. Not that we can go outside anyway. The air quality still sucks. This was what the sun looked like when I got home from work at 6pm tonight:

See that little pink/orange circle in the center? Yep. That's the sun. And the sky is overcast because there's so much ash in the air.

Fall can get here any time.

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