September 10th, 2020

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

Random stuff

I'm tired and going to bed soon so just short observations for now.

1. The sky looked better today. The air quality was not. So. Much. Ash.

2. Sign-ups have opened for the next round of seasonal_spuffy. I signed up for a date at the end, because I've had an idea about what I want to do since the last round. Nothing long. These will be short. I hope they'll be well-received.

3. Didn't have to cook today. Craig ran out and brought food home. Always nice.

4. I hate reading my early fanfic. I just want to fix it all, but I can't.

5. We donated today to watch The Princess Bride table read/Q&A on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it.

6. Naps are good.