August 20th, 2020

mood - oooo: wisteria

Good news!

Good news about our potential rescue!

Yesterday afternoon, I emailed a follow-up message to the dog rescue since it had been eight days since our application and I hadn't heard anything. I wasn't pushy. I just said if there was anything more they needed from us to feel free to reach out.

Two hours later, I got a phone call. After talking with her for about a half hour, going into a little more detail about our situation and her answering any questions I might have, I was offered a meeting with Chico, the dog! We take Lucy with us, and if the dogs get along, we get to take Chico home on the spot. All she has to do is coordinate a time with the foster family this weekend and let me know.

It's almost a done deal at this point! Lucy gets along with literally everyone and everything, so the only way this doesn't work is if Chico has a problem with her. But according to them, Chico gets along with everyone and everything, too, so odds are in our favor.

I couldn't sleep last night, I was so excited.

And if you're curious about what Chico is like, check out his story on the rescue's IG.