August 18th, 2020

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I had hoped that fitness tracker technology had improved to the point that it wouldn't matter if my hand was moving to register I'm walking, but nope. Which means all that walking I do at work pushing my cart around the shelves doesn't end up counting. I could force it to count if I just pushed with one hand, but that's not really viable. I'm going to try putting it in my pocket for my shift on Thursday and see if that improves. It'll be annoying, though. I've gotten used to checking the time on it, plus I hate having things in my pockets.

I still haven't heard from the rescue about the dog we want. They haven't called our references yet, either. The application said it could take up to 10 days, which means anywhere up to Friday, but this is driving me buggy because they posted they got 8 new rescues over the weekend. On the plus side, there's no "pending adoption" on the dog we want. On the negative, I just know I'm going to get my heart broken.