August 17th, 2020

mood - one of those days (merlin): batgu

Lightning storms at the height of California summer are not good

I had a mostly lazy day today because my anxiety is ratcheted a little high and I lacked any kind of concentration for more. Saturday night/Sunday morning, we had awful storms here in the Bay Area with lightning like you wouldn't believe. The rain stopped my early morning, but the lightning started a lot of fires. One of them is located about 20 miles southwest of us. At 11pm last night, they ordered evacuations in that area because it was 400 acres and had 0% containment. I wasn't *that* worried about us because the fire would have to be able to hop a major 4-lane highway and cut down highly residential neighborhoods in order to get to us, but I do have a very good friend who is on the same side of the highway as the fire and lives 10 miles closer. I fretted over her all night.

When I woke up, the fire had spread to 1100 acres with 0% containment. I called her and they're okay. Plus, the fire is moving in a southeast direction, away from us, so that was good. What isn't good is that as of tonight, it's at 1500 acres and still no containment. It's been windy and hot and it's hard to get under control under these conditions. By afternoon, our sky had taken on the overcast, weird orange glow it gets when we have too much smoke. I wouldn't be surprised if we have air warnings in the next day or two, either.

So...yeah, I took it easy because I worry too much. I went out to Michaels early to pick up some embroidery floss for a new cross stitch project, but they didn't have the fabric I need so I have to wait to start until the order I made when I got home gets here this weekend. Craig went out and bought some more tools at lunchtime, so he brought home food rather than have me cook a big dinner, and we played Red Dragon Inn and drank margaritas this evening as a distraction. Plus, Big Bang Theory. Alicia and I are watching the series from the start. It's a good distraction, too.