August 10th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Whoa, I did not mean to be silent this long

So, I haven't posted since July 30. Whoa. Life has been...busy to say the least. There's been the colonoscopy/endoscopy (that turned out perfectly fine, thank goodness), all of my tech rehearsals, and oh yeah, all of our performances of Vintage Hitchcock. I won't say that it went smoothly. We lost one of our lead's internet on the second night for five minutes in the middle of her show, and there were various technical problems with each performance, but overall, it was fun and I'm glad I did it. Craig and Alicia laughed at how bad most of the accents were, which I really can't blame them. 75% of the cast couldn't do a passable English accent.

But other than that? Well, that's been my life. No writing. No TV watching. Nothing else really fun. Nothing interesting but the play and work. But I've got time again and I'm not exhausted, so hopefully I'll get back to scheduling regularly.