July 7th, 2020

mood - woe: crackers4jenn

If I have to be an Inside Out character, why can't I be Joy?

Still in self-quarantine. Still waiting on results.

Today, at lunch, Alicia came down and put a mask on. I figured she was going out, but then she asked me to put mine on and come out to the family room. Where she promptly decided to hug me, saying it wasn't any different to me hugging my friend three weeks ago. I pretty much clung to her for over a minute. It was the first time I'd touched anyone else in a week. And I cried. I'll admit it. Not the response she wanted, but I told her they were happy tears. Which they were. Kind of.

I was going to do a fanfic title meme that I saw floating around LJ, but when I started and realized that the last fic I'd posted to AO3 was a year ago, it depressed the crap out of me and I shut it down.

I'm just sad tonight.