July 4th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Still in limbo and some pimpage

Waiting for results on the covid test is killing me. While I feel much better in general, until I have a definitive answer, I can't take the risk around my family, and I'm so depressed being all alone for 22 hours of the day. The other two hours are spent in the family room with a mask on, but I can't manage much more than that because my damn left ear has been rubbed raw from the elastic. I don't have any masks that tie, unfortunately, but that's something I am going to remedy as soon as I can. Being depressed doesn't contribute well to wanting to write, either, which means wasted hours.

On the bright side, sign-ups have started for round 2 of Buffyverse Bingo! I would love to see people participating. I've been wanting to sink into Buffy fandom again since I've been isolated. Buffy has always given me solace. If you can't sign up, just spread the word. I'm going to get a card tomorrow. Writing short pieces might be good for me, too.

Oh, and Camelot Bingo started up, too! That one, I signed up for yesterday. I was a total bust at it last year, but I've already got ideas for so many of my prompts that I have high hopes for this year. Fingers crossed.