June 28th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Sunday 7

Things that were good/made me smile this week:

1. We had our first read-through of the plays tonight. It went surprisingly well, though because I end up sitting out the first play and the bulk of the third, I ended up getting halfway through one of the books I'm reading. It's a good thing the director couldn't see me, lol.

2. I bought myself 4 minutes of live chat with James Marsters for Wednesday as an early birthday gift to myself. I haven't seen Marsters live or in person in over a decade. Probably because I saw so much of him during the height of my obsession. But I'm about to do these radio plays and considering I usually get tongue-tied around him (or babble like a loon), I figured getting his insight/advice into performing in such close range would give us something to talk about that's more than "oh my god I love Spike."

3. Somebody on FB posted pictures of quokkas that made me smile so much. I'd never heard of them before, but they're just so dang cute.

4. I bought a tea caddy to finally organize all my teas...

5. ...as well as another organizer to organize all the condiment/spice packets that are cluttering up my cupboards and drawers. Organization gives me peace.

6. Our governor is starting to shut things down again, beginning with bars. I know this shouldn't make me happy because it means hardship for some as well as acknowledging that our numbers are getting bad again, but...I am happy because it's a step in the right direction again in trying to control this.

7. I'm completely addicted to a silly dating sim on Steam. It's mindless and embarrassing, but I can't stop playing the damn thing.