June 21st, 2020

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Sunday 7

Why is it so hard to find things to make me smile this week?

1. Callbacks are officially all done! At the end of the day, I did what I could, and I'm glad to see the theatre doing something when so many others are dark.

2. My college is planning on doing a Zoom reunion of my first big college production. It was "Charley's Aunt" and the cast was super tight. I have nothing but positive memories of the whole experience, so it'll be great to get to catch up with the others.

3. I got to see my library peeps!

4. My new rainbow heart sunglasses!

5. I made coconut jello for Craig today for Father's Day and it was absolutely yummy. We finally found a recipe that we like as much as what we used to get at our favorite Chinese restaurant back in the UK.

6. Alex got a surprise admission to another college, though it doesn't change his plans in any way.

7. Author copies unexpectedly showed up this week for books I've been re-releasing. I'm especially excited because I'm so in love with this cover. It's even better in print.