June 20th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Take the good with the bad

Second round of callbacks were this afternoon. Very boring for me because I only read one tiny scene after sitting and waiting my turn for an hour. I was supposed to read a second scene, but I got left off the list. Now, she's going to have me do it tomorrow night at the callbacks for the third radio play. I'm still not holding my breath about getting anything but a couple small parts.

In bad current events, our county's covid numbers went from 35 new cases yesterday to 93 new cases today. Not surprising, but very scary. Our hospitalizations haven't zoomed up at the same rate, but they are slowly creeping upward. Not what we want to see.

In good current events, can't say I'm upset about all the teenagers tanking the Trump rally today. I hope it humiliates him even more than he already has been, and I'm glad that my sister and her family didn't end up having any trouble because of it all.