June 18th, 2020

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Rough day

I lost half my day to feeling sick. Collapse )

Being sick had me worried about this evening. The first of three callbacks for the radio plays was tonight, and this was the only one I really wanted to nail. I'm mostly up for small parts (because I'm too old for the female parts in the second and third plays), but I'm right in the sweet spot for the female lead in the first. I managed to pull myself together, and while I think the callback went pretty well, I'm not holding my breath on getting anything but small parts. Almost all of the men she called back for the lead's husband are at least 15-20 years older than me. Plus, there was one woman who read was really good. I would cast her if I was doing the casting. Oh well. The next two rounds are Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I do kind of want one of the parts on Saturday's audition, but again, not holding my breath.

In other news this week, we found Alex's college is doing their fall courses all online. I'm a little relieved, I'll be honest. Our numbers never went on a decline here in California, and in spite of the governor issuing a state mandate on masks today, people are still being stupid. I'll feel better knowing Alex will be safe here at home until things have calmed down a little more.