June 11th, 2020

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

These days don't ever go smoothly

It's official. Alex has now officially graduated. The day had some drama, though. Alex had tried on his gown, and while we thought it looked a little small, we attributed it to the fact that he has really long limbs. Nope. When it got ironed today, we discovered the tag said it was for 5'7"-5'9". Alex is 5'11". So yes, it was too small.

We were in line for just over an hour for Alex's part, and it went pretty well. They played Pomp & Circumstances over an FM station to give it more ambience.

Afterward, we went to go pick up the dinner we had ordered earlier in the day. I scheduled it for a 6:30 pick-up, so Craig dropped me and Alex off at the grocery store across the street to pick up ice cream while he ran to the restaurant. There was a wait for our food, so he came back and got us. Then we waited. And waited. And waited.

At 7:10, I ran Alex home with the ice cream while Craig waited at the restaurant. I went back, but Craig was still waiting. He confirmed they'd received the order - a second time - at 7:30. Then, at 8pm, he discovered the order had actually been canceled in the afternoon - BEFORE WE EVEN ARRIVED - because one of our appetizers wasn't in stock. As a result, they canceled the whole order and emailed us. Except we never got the email. And they lied to Craig TWICE and said the order was in process of getting filled.

Craig had to go back in and get some kind of receipt from them saying it had been canceled in case the credit card ended up getting charged. By that point, it was 8:15, and Craig had to be home to start conducting a training session by 9pm. Our only option was to hit a drive-thru. Definitely not what we wanted.

Obviously, we're never going back to that restaurant.

And now I'm tired and sore, so I'm going to take a nice, long bath and just focus on the fact that my son is now a high school graduate.

Man, I feel old.