June 9th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Life is boring, almost

I've been lax about posting because I've felt like crap. But I'm starting to feel better, so I figured I better do it before even more time slips away.

Not that anything has been happening. Except me getting all anxious about all the stupid people who seem to think that the virus isn't a threat anymore.

Plus, I still have that weird spot on my shoulder. It got really itchy for a couple days, but covering it was a mistake. The way my skin reacted to the adhesive on the bandage was not good. I broke out in welts that were way worse than the actual spot, so I've kept it bare and done my best to pick bras that wouldn't aggravate the spot too badly. It wasn't itchy today, and it might be a little paler, but at least I haven't developed cellulitis this time.

See? Told you nothing's been going on. Life is boring. Oh, though I did manage to submit my video audition for our community theatre's radio production of Vintage Hitchcock. It wasn't perfect. It took me fourteen takes to do it all the way through and keep it under six minutes. But I was okay with the final version, and my friends told me it looked great. So we'll see. Callbacks aren't until next week, so I won't even think about it until at least the weekend.