May 25th, 2020

audrey hepburn: saturnswirls

A good day

I woke up in an insanely good mood this morning. Not sure why. Of course, that meant I tortured my family by being all bouncy and happy, but eh, they love me and better for me to be in a good mood than not. We took it pretty easy, though. Craig even slept in, which he never does. I marinated twi-tip and made baked potato salad for dinner. I even grilled it so that Craig could get in the pool with the kids.

I wasn't getting in the pool today. Someone had to get dinner ready, and I had a 7pm Zoom meeting I didn't want to have to get ready twice for.

Things took a slight downhill trek during the meeting, though. My left ovary is acting up again with cyst pain. It's not quite the pain that comes when they burst, but clearly one on there is big enough to make sure I can feel it. I've decided that once some more of the restrictions are lifted from seeing doctors for non-emergency stuff later this summer, I'm going to have somebody look at it. It might be time for it to come out. It's not like I need it anymore, anyway, and the pain is pretty crippling. We'll see.