May 19th, 2020

mood - morning person: elz

Bye, bye, caffeine

My reflux has been bad in recent weeks, and I've narrowed down only one common denominator in my really bad days. Caffeine. I gave up coffee 18 months ago, but I've been drinking English tea in its stead. Quite a bit, actually.

So, in an attempt to try and feel better, I am drastically cutting my caffeine even more. Today was the first day. It wasn't fun. I was dragging by noon, so I caved and had the weakest glass of iced tea I could make. But that was it for the day. I had to take some painkillers for my headache after dinner, as well as get out for a couple short walks to keep myself awake during the day, but I'm feeling all right at the moment.

I'm still not looking forward to giving it up, though. I love my caffeinated drinks. I'm not a big fan of water, even when it's flavored. Getting older is not fair.