May 16th, 2020

mood - fangirl (ckane): prophcygrl

I probably love Adam Driver too much

It was a pretty good day. I did my deliveries this morning for my adopted seniors, then watched last night's episode of Drag Race over lunch. After, the kids and I played a new game called Quacks of Quedlinburg, where you play doctors in medieval times creating potions and hoping they don't explode. It's fast and quite fun because there's this whole push your luck element to it where you try to play your odds and get as big a potion as you can before it goes boom. Or maybe I just really liked it because I won both games, lol.

Then after dinner tonight, we moved on to the next movie in our Star Wars rewatch, "The Force Awakens." It's my favorite overall of the final three, but man, as much as I love Adam Driver, I can't stand what a big baby he is in this. It's a very good thing he's not nearly as whiny in the next two. But Rey, gah, I love Rey in this. And Poe. And the potential of Poe and Finn. Or Poe and Rey. Or Poe/Finn/Rey. Though by the second movie, I was all about Rey and Ben. Yes, I know it's problematic. I find myself torn about liking it, to be honest. But at the end of the day, Adam Driver sells the pain too well for me not to get sucked in. It starts at the end of TFA with his confrontation with Han and only improves from there. It's just too bad he's such a baby for the first 2/3's of the movie, lol.

Man, I wish I had a good Adam Driver icon.