May 11th, 2020

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It doesn't matter how good the day before was, I guess Mondays are just bound to suck.

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On top of that, my cold symptoms are sneaking back. I've been fighting stuffiness and coughing the past couple days again.

All of it has just drained me. I read an 80k galley today in my efforts not to move (plus I got another galley yesterday that's due in a week, so I wanted to get this one off my plate), but I didn't get any writing done like I'd hoped. I miss writing. I miss even more feeling like I'm halfway decent at it. My confidence has just been in tatters recently, and I can't figure out how to help it. I started watching the Neil Gaiman masterclass, and while it's been enjoyable and inspiring, I feel so damn inadequate because of it. My imposter syndrome is flying high these days, it would seem.