April 27th, 2020

mood - woe: crackers4jenn

Yep, I hate Mondays

It's not official-official, but the county health commissioners in the bay area issued a press release that they would be announcing extending the shelter in place at least until the end of May. Governor Newsom at his noon press conference confirmed it. So we can expect more of the same until the end of the month. I'm actually really happy about it, and it certainly doesn't come as a surprise. These precautions are necessary.

A lot of people near me are not happy. My area is at the very edge of all this. We are half old-timers, who were here when it was farmland, and half professionals who commute elsewhere. Overall, it tends to be very conservative, which means too many people are talking about suing the state or saying things like their rights are more important than protecting people from a virus that has been blown way out of proportion. It was all so depressing. It completely derailed me for most of the day.

The kids tried making it up to me. We played a game of Life this morning. That was a little weird because it's the modern version, not the one I grew up with, so there are these new elements that I've never played before. Then, Craig said he had to run out, so I asked if he could drop me off at Target so I could pick up snacks and candy treats for the seniors I've adopted. When I was there, though, I discovered they were well stocked on our favorite toilet paper and paper towels, so I managed to snag a pack of each.

I went comfort food for dinner - mac & cheese with ham and spinach. It didn't do much to boost my mood. I made a desperate move once I settled in to do some online shopping for my seniors when I put on the first episode of the original Mickey Mouse Club on Disney+. That mostly did the trick.

I hope tomorrow is better.