April 24th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I got to talk to someone I'm not related to!

Lots of good stuff today.

The electric stovetop we ordered right before our lockdown was finally installed today. They had put a hold on everything at the beginning of the lockdown, but this week, we got an email saying that with very specific rules, we could get it done this week. That was a no brainer. It looks so gorgeous! I wanted to take a picture, but all it does is reflect light so the photos all look like crap, lol. It got installed late afternoon, though, and we discovered the electrician had turned off the power so nothing would be live and dangerous. That meant we had to wait until he showed up to turn it on. With that in mind, we ended up ordering dinner instead of me cooking. Oh well.

I also had to run out and pick up prescriptions and go to the bank. At the shopping center, I ended up stuck at a stop sign because a turkey was taking its time waddling across the road, lol. That cracked me up. Plus, I ran into a friend (her son was our drum major this year and is a very good friend of Alex's) and got to visit for a while. I'm worried about her a little. She's been fighting cancer for the past couple years. She gets treatment, it goes away, and then it comes back and she has to fight again. She had just finished a six-week course of chemo right before our lockdown and was due to have a PET scan to see how well it worked. The hospital canceled it, and it has yet to be rescheduled, almost two months after her chemo ended. She has started pressuring her doctor about getting it, especially since our hospitals have started doing other procedures that they had canceled at the start, and I really hope she does. She's been through too much not to have some peace of mind that this last round actually worked.