April 23rd, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

All masked up

My damn cough is back. At this rate, it's never going to go away.

Yesterday, my manager at the library organized a social hour for any of us who wanted to come. Five of us ended up logging in. I had planned to just say hi, but I ended up sticking around for the full hour and having a ton of fun. One thing my manager said has had me musing, though. She was really sick in December, completely laid up at home for over a week with temps at 103, coughing, no energy. It took her forever to recover (she came back to work much earlier than she should and only took time off when her fever went over 100). She is now convinced she had covid. Her husband is a first responder, so she's said that as soon as they start testing for autobodies around here, she's going to get tested. I guess we'll see if I ended up being exposed.

Craig and I decided to brave CostCo today (after I took some cough medicine). Masks are now mandatory here for going into any business (we don't need them if we're walking outside or in our cars). Businesses will turn you away, and cops will cite you with a misdemeanor if you're somewhere it's necessary and if you're not wearing one. But CostCo was relatively dead, though completely devoid of any TP or Clorox. Still, I was able to stock up on the things we needed - Allegra, trash bags, dish soaps, batteries, ziplock bags - and a few that we didn't - muffins and ice cream bars. I won't have to go back for at least a couple months most likely.