March 28th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

A lazy Saturday

The worst thing about being stuck in a space with the same people? Craig, Alex, and I keep passing around the cold Alex had three weeks before the lockdown started. I feel better for a couple days, then things start going south again. Last night, my throat started to hurt again, and today it's been fighting headaches/earaches. It didn't help that the curry last night upset my stomach. I've been fighting nausea today, too.

Which means it's been a pretty lazy day. We finished watching The Witcher. Craig is annoyed we have to wait so long for the next series, lol. I know nothing about the source material, and we weren't spoiled in any way, but I find myself really shipping Geralt/Yennefer. I'm not even a big fan of Henry Cavill, but he does surly very well. Plus, I really enjoyed their damaged chemistry.

Next up is The Mandalorian. We finally caved and got Disney+ tonight. Personally, I'm hoping to go through and see some of the Disney classics, but I haven't had the chance to go trawling through what's available yet. We lost the remote that controls the app, so Craig downloaded it to his phone. We're going to have to get a new one because I can't be bugging him every time I want to watch something.

We had a stranger at the house today. Our garage door stopped working yesterday, so Craig put a call out to get someone by to fix it. He stayed out in the garage, though, and only Craig dealt with him, so we're doing our duty to social distance. We also decided that since the electrical work we need done on the hot tub is all outside, we can go ahead and get that done. Craig texted and if the weather holds, the guy will be here on Monday.

Hopefully, I'll feel better enough to enjoy it.