January 16th, 2020

merlin - percival victory: petits-bouts

Blessed relief

Someone recommended a book about stretching to me a bit ago, so I requested it from the library. It showed up last week, but once I'd flipped through it, I decided it was worth buying to try. It's called Relaxercise, and it's basically just various stretches---small, slow movements---that target different parts of your body (lower back, hands, feet, etc.). It showed up on Sunday which meant I started trying it on Monday.


It recommends doing no more than 2 or 3 different exercises a day, but I decided to go through each one first to see which I might feel the most benefit from. Monday was all about posture. Just basic stretches sitting on a chair. I felt pretty good afterward, but nothing amazing.

Tuesday, the exercise was about hips, but because I had to go to work, I decided maybe it wasn't the smartest move to do one that might end up hurting me right before I had to go be on my feet and walk around for four hours (which proved to be the smartest decision ever as I spent most of that four hours shifting books on shelves so tons of lifting and squatting). Instead, I did the next one for the lower back.

I finished that one and literally *bounded* down the stairs. I haven't done that in AGES. I have to hold a rail most of the time because my leg would collapse on me half the time if I didn't. Not only did I go down the stairs like nothing was wrong, I had almost no hip pain at for the rest of the day. Or yesterday. Today it started to get sore again, but only just.

Those stretches are the only thing that have changed for me. I can't believe what a huge difference they did. And for 10 minutes of the easiest stretches ever. One of the best things I've bought for myself in a long time.