December 8th, 2019

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

Week from hell

This has been the week from HELL. I had to deal with Giving Tuesday for the theater, which was a complete time suck and at the end of the day, not very fruitful. I had to get the raffle baskets put together for the show that ran Friday and Saturday, but that had to be done by Thursday evening because I worked on Friday morning, then Craig and I went into SF to see Summer (the Donna Summer musical). That, at least was a welcome relief. But we got home at midnight and I had to get up early to work Saturday morning. I was supposed to work at the show on Saturday night, but when I got home from the library, my right ankle/foot was swollen and throbbing so badly I couldn't walk on it. I iced it and proceeded to beg off on working because there was no way I could usher on my feet for an hour.

Within all that, I had a galley to finish, more raffle baskets to get done for our band concert this upcoming week, and Alex's senior ad to prep/submit. This coming week, I have a booster meeting, a concert, and three days of baking to prep for the concert. Plus, I got another galley today, I work on Tuesday, and at some point, I need to get some writing done. Oh, and Alex's 18th birthday is next Saturday.

On the plus side, we discovered a British couple who are butchers that have a shop online, so we've managed to order English sausages and bacon, as well as pork pies, to try at the end of this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I haven't had a good Lincolnshire since 2012.