November 18th, 2019

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Theatre board meeting tonight. I survived. I had to show the progress I'd made on the Giving Tuesday campaign, which meant showing the website, discussing what was to come, and going over the new perks packages. All were well received, but then the artistic director - the control freak who keeps trying to move goalposts with no notice - started up on how to use the business sponsorship design I came up with in approaching businesses in December about the festival they got the grant for, and that opened up a whole 'nother can of worms. I kept saying the sponsorship was for broader picture stuff and wouldn't apply, but she wasn't listening. She then started whining about how bad it looked that they were doing this three months ahead of time instead of seven or eight. I might've been a little snappish when I repeated what I said at the retreat - that I wasn't planning for this since I hadn't been a part of it - and then I added that maybe this was something they should've considered last summer instead of FOUR MONTHS BEFORE THE EVENT. In the end, I talked her out doing this in December and instead focusing on other businesses for that month, then trying to create partnerships with downtown businesses for the festival starting in January. Since that was what the grant was for in the first place. Partnerships. Not soliciting money.


I got home and decided to relax with a movie, so I watched "My Life as a Zucchini." It's a Swiss/French stop-action movie that was nominated for Best Animated Feature for 2016, and oh my goodness, what a charming, unexpected film. The story is actually really simple, about a boy who has to go into a group home after his alcoholic mother dies, but there's such a genuineness about it and the emotions it evokes. Its subject matter might be dark, but it's remarkably tender and tugged at my heartstrings. It's not very long, only 70 minutes, so if you haven't seen it and can find it (I checked mine out from the library), I highly recommend it.