November 13th, 2019

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House stuffs

This week was not so supposed to be so busy. On the one hand, I've gotten a lot of stuff done. Not necessarily the work I'd planned, but a good portion of it. On the other, how can tomorrow be Thursday already?!?

We're planning on doing some redesigning in our house over the next couple months. Not remodeling, but making it more functional in the way we use it. First, I want a lighted hanging pot rack over the island in my kitchen. I got new pans for my birthday, and they don't stack the way my current set does. I've always hated the light fixtures over the island, too, so it's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Craig is pretty sure it's a job he and his dad could do, too. We're going shopping this weekend to find what I want.

We've been planning on getting a wine refrigerator, too, but that will require moving stuff around to find a good place for it. We have cupboards in the media room that I use for crafts, but they were originally purchased for our dining room in the UK, so one of them would look perfectly in place in the kitchen area. That opens the door to getting new storage solutions for the media room, which we've been in dire need of for years. Our games fit pretty awkwardly in the cupboards. I've wanted open shelving there that can accommodate all the different sized boxes, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to finally outfit it right. Plus, the space was utilized as sleepover space for the kids and their friends, and that use just isn't necessary anymore. I'd like to split it up so that it's half gaming, half craft space, but we'll see. The point is to make it fit what our lifestyles are, not what they were.

I think I'm feeling these nesting tendencies because Alicia has been saying the past couple weeks that we should get a smaller house, that we don't need all the space we do since both of them will be at college starting next September. It's not going to happen. I love my house. I have no desire to move until the kids are out of college and know a little bit more about where they might end up. At the very least, we need our current house because it has a downstairs bedroom with its own bathroom for Craig's dad and my mom when they visit. But I really wish she would stop making these comments.