November 9th, 2019

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

It's a good thing it's a 3-day weekend for me

Good news: the ultrasound turned out like I expected. Everything is fine on the breast front.

Better news: My eyes seem to be adjusting to the new prescription. No vertigo when I was at work yesterday, woo hoo!

I'm hoping to crash and sleep well tonight because it sure as hell didn't happen last night. Weird dreams, weird pains, waking up every forty-five minutes...I'll take improvement on any one of those, please. But it's going to be a long day - work at the library through mid-afternoon, then out shopping with Alex and Craig for jeans/pants for them because they both need them and will only go if I go along. Seriously, Craig detests clothes shopping and only does it when absolutely necessary. I've taken away a lot of his pain with it, but he has to come along for jeans/pants because he hates returning items even more.

At least I get dinner out tonight for my efforts.