October 16th, 2019

mood - stupidity hurts: stelladives

How? How? How?

Busy week. I went to an all-county all-staff on Monday for the library, which was fun but surprisingly exhausting. I crashed at 9:30 and slept through until 7am which is almost three more hours of sleep than I usually get. Tuesday was work and then my very first board meeting for the community theatre.

Ohmigod. These people are so unorganized. And they talk TOO much. Their meeting lasted three hours, and could've easily been done in half that. Also, even though they are a nonprofit, there is no formal budget. They just kind of wing it from show to show. I spent most of the meeting thinking, "How? How? How?" The lack of systems means there's plenty of room to improve, but these are mostly creative people who aren't used to thinking about anything like this. When the business manager started talking about opening a savings account, even though they are literally carrying debt because they charge everything to their two credit cards and the treasurer had already reported what their current balance was, and I started asking about the cost benefit analysis of such a move, the artistic director actually checked out of the entire conversation completely. I know this because she told us.

This group is either going to kill me or turn me into their queen because I save their asses by implementing some systems before they are forced to close. At this point, I have no idea which way it's going to go.