August 11th, 2019

btvs - faith floral: slacker97

I'm always playing catch-up

Damn it, I got busy again. I didn't mean for it to go this long.

So what's happened?

1. Alicia left for DC Friday night. I was trying to spend as much time with her as I could, though it was a busy week. She had to leave early because she's got RA training for a couple weeks before school starts. I miss her already.

2. Our auditions were this week, and our play is cast! I'm really pleased with the final result. One of the actresses who was cast is my friend L. I had encouraged her to audition as practice since she hasn't done anything in twenty years, without any intention of it being for real since her schedule is a little nuts, but then my co-director absolutely fell in love with her. So on the plus side, I get to see her way more often now. I just have to be very careful about not looking like I have favorites.

3. I got pulled into doing some band stuff this past week, though that is tapering off big-time now.

4. One of my publishers is doing more republishing of out of print backlists, so I talked to Pepper and we decided to send our 60+ out of print to them. That's been work, though she's been doing a big part of it. She can't do the dozen titles of mine, though, and so far, I've been lagging. Thankfully, the publisher is only doing one a month, and I got September done, so I have a teensy bit of breathing space there.

5. I am massively behind on writing fic. I have a novella due at the end of this month that I need to finish, and then I have to throw myself into writing two stories that I've promised before the end of the year. I'm finally finding a rhythm with work, but with nightly rehearsals for the next six weeks, I have to be smarter about how I use my time.

6. I did manage to read a teensy bit of fic yesterday, though, when I was playing catch-up on LJ. My TBR pile is still massive, but I have to share this short gen fic written for Summer for Giles. It's called A Second Chance by aaronlisa, and it's a wonderful rewrite of Faith's introduction to the gang and Giles's reaction to her. Check it out. :)