June 21st, 2019

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic


I've been working at the library for two weeks now, and I'm still trying to adjust to it. First of all, it's been a long time when I've been on my feet for so many consecutive hours, so my body rebelled for the first week. My last two shifts have been a lot better, so it's a matter of getting used to it, but damn it, I get tired a solid two, sometimes three, hours earlier than before, and it's eating away my time. It means I have little creative energy when I can actually get online, and that's just not acceptable. I have all this stuff I want to do. I have to get this sorted out.

The other thing that's messing me up is food. I work two opening shifts during the week, while Saturdays can vary. I have not worked a single shift yet where I manage to eat something before I have to go in. That means, when I'm done, I'm both tired and starving, and I make poor choices. OR, Craig feels sorry for me and we get food in. This has to stop. As soon as possible. But I don't know how without exhausting myself even further. It's not like I'm spending the time before going into work playing games. I already have to get up during the week at 6am to take Craig and Alicia to the train. When I get home, it's usually just before 7 (we tend to leave around 6:30, but if I can't roll out of bed and be coherent, I need that time to wake up), and I have to start getting ready, make my tea, feed the dog, and all the other stuff that's part of waking the house up in the morning. The trick will be finding the time to cook breakfasts that I can heat up and eat on the run, but I haven't had any time (or energy when I do have some time) to do that.

The one good thing is that the job is going fabulously well. My manager kept apologizing the first week about it not being the most exciting work with a little repetition, but I think I've finally managed to convince her that I'm enjoying it. Part of me can't believe I'm actually getting paid to keep the library in good order.