April 28th, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

The end of another week

It's been a busy few days. I went to a friend's birthday party on Friday night, and ended up talking with one of her work friends (someone I didn't know) for two hours. We just hit it off in ways I don't often with women I meet. We ended up exchanging numbers and friending each other on Facebook. It's just weird because that never happens to me. In fact, until she and I started chatting, I'd spent the first two hours of the party pretty much in the background. I only knew one other person there and she had to leave pretty early. Everybody else was already friends, so it was very odd man out for me until this other woman starting drawing me into conversation.

Then yesterday, we were out appliance shopping. Our dishwasher has been cranky for a while now, and Saturday morning, it finally died. The damn thing would not stop beeping and refused to run a cycle. Since it's obviously a computer issue, it was better to just buy a new one. That gets delivered on Wednesday.

I will not be seeing Endgame until after May 8. That's when Alicia gets home. Because we've seen all the rest of the movies as a family, she requested that we see this one together, too. I haven't been spoiled so far, but I'll admit I'm terrified something is going to slip through.

Craig had his annual physical on Friday, too. His blood sugar is too high, so the doctor has put him on meds and ordered him to lose weight. I threw myself into getting all the bad stuff out of the house and sorting through my recipes to focus on low carb alternatives to get his sugars in check. We know low carb works for us. When we met in '97, he was coming off his chemo and I was coming out of my abusive first marriage. We were both much heavier than we wanted to be. We did low carb together then (because my gyno suggested it as a way to help with my PCOS) and did marvelously. He lost 100 pounds, and I lost 45. So I know we can do this. Yes, we're 20 years older, but I know what to do. And honestly, fear for his health is the best motivator. Apparently, I'll move heaven and earth to ensure his prolonged good health much more readily than I will mine, lol.