February 27th, 2019

tv - pretty (wes/fred): behindblue_eyes

I should not have turned the TV on today

I lost a huge chunk of my day to watching Cohen testifying to Congress. I didn't mean to. I turned the TV on this morning to check on something, and there he was, reading his opening statement. I got sucked in, especially as the Republican strategy became clear. Of course, I also got increasingly angry and sad about the whole situation. I gave up at the second break. I'm surprised I even lasted that long.

My mom left today, too. The visit was low-key but ultimately successful, I think. She only annoyed me sporadically, and we never fought. She even gave me a hug last night, which for my mom is huge. I'll take it as a win.

The one bad thing about mom's visit, though, is all the sugar she left in the house. Oreos. Ice cream. And with my mood today...well, the oreos are now gone. Double Stuf. I've decided it was worth it.

Don't forget to check out Fandom Trumps Hate! (My page is here.) I ended up placing three bids on various artists. I'm so excited about the possibility of winning.