February 23rd, 2019

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Last minute Oscar thoughts

I watched a couple Oscar contenders today in preparation for the awards tomorrow--The Wife and A Star Is Born. My thoughts:

1. Glenn Close better win. That was an absolute masterclass in characterization.
2. I was late to watching A Star Is Born because of my inherent problems with the narrative. This one was a perfectly watchable version, but seriously, the story itself is infuriating. It's not a tragic romance. And it's not about a woman coming into her own. It's about a damaged man incapable of dealing with a woman's success. What made this one even worse was how it tried turning Jackson's sacrifice into something noble, when ohmygod it's not. I wondered if it was just me and found this article that summarizes my thoughts and feelings far better than I ever could.
3. I really hope it doesn't win anything but best song. Gaga was better than I expected but can't hold a candle to Close. It's nowhere near being the best film of the year. Cooper was good, but Malek and Bale were better. Oh, wait, I take back my initial statement. Sam Elliott can win supporting actor if they want. I don't necessarily think his was the best, but he was really good and he's completely underappreciated so it would be nice to see him get some recognition.