February 6th, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

Another goal met for the year

My interview for the library position was this morning. It went well, I think, but I have no idea if I'm getting the job. I'm actually okay if I don't. It was my very first job application and interview in seventeen years, and I didn't mangle it. That was my goal. I'm good with hitting that. If I get the job, that's great, but if I don't...well, I know I did what I could. It was a tag team interview with the manager and one of the senior librarians. The questions were fairly straightforward, so no tricks there. There was a sorting exercise afterward - two stacks of 25 cards, one that needed to be arranged alphabetically, the other in numerical order - that I got done and triple-checked in half the time they allotted.

So...we'll see. I'm happy with what I said and did. It's not worth it to agonize over their decision. Nothing I can say or do at this point will make a difference, and life is too short to worry about it.

Ha. Who ever thought that I'd be this relaxed about it? Maybe going through everything with the theater group helped in other ways, too.

Mom arrived safely last night. She's not as sick as I thought she was, which is good. And day one was pretty uneventful. She bailed on me and Craig tonight when we decided to watch Terminators 3 and 4. Movies aren't her thing, especially sci-fi or action. She'll do funny movies and Disney, but that's about it.