February 4th, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

Fingers crossed I don't babble

Unfortunately, Alicia's fever came back after midnight, so her roommate took her to the doctor this morning where she was diagnosed with flu. She got Tamiflu and an inhaler because apparently her lungs sound pretty bad. She's got a note to miss classes until Monday, so she's currently resting and taking it easy as much as possible. I spent a couple hours in front of the TV tonight ordering two box of goodies from Amazon, a feel better one for Alicia and a thank you one for the roommate. Roommate is a baker, so I had fun with that, and it's always a joy to spoil Alicia when I can. They're set to arrive on Thursday, so hopefully she'll be feeling well enough by then to enjoy her surprise.

Two good things did happen today, though. I got my hair done so the gray is all gone again, and I got a call to schedule an interview for the job at the library. That's going to be on Wednesday morning. It's actually a few more hours than I'd originally thought--19, not 11--but still more than doable. I'm really excited about it, so I hope I don't babble too much during the interview. I have a tendency to do that.