February 3rd, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

No Super Bowl in this house

Alicia is feeling better. She's still sick but her fever wasn't as bad today and she's promised to go to the clinic if it's still around tomorrow. Her roommate is being wonderfully diligent in making sure Alicia is not pushing herself too hard.

I wish I could say I was feeling good. My legs have been really painful the past couple days, more so than usual. I'm scheduling in exercises in my planner in hopes that it will help. The trick will be to make sure I keep on top of looking at my planner so I actually do them. I have a tendency to think I know my schedule already, and then miss new things that haven't become habit yet. Like filling in my planner, lol. I was supposed to do it last night and totally forgot, so I've been doing it in bits and pieces today.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl. Someone invited us to a party, but seriously, we don't care about football so turned them down. From the sound of it, we didn't even miss much with the half-time show and the commercials.

So instead, we're watching Terminator. For all its cheesiness, I have a soft spot for it. As an action film, it's really well done. Plus, it's one of the few James Cameron movies that doesn't suffer from his bloated-style of directing. He simply didn't have the movie he had in later films, so he had to make a much leaner movie and it's to the story's advantage. I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed Cameron movies. I have. But they're almost always too long, and his passion for pushing technical boundaries (which I applaud him for) hinders other aspects (like Avatar's godawful dialogue).

But ah, Terminator. Arnie's robotic style put to its best use, Michael Biehn in his prime playing a hero who didn't need to be jacked up, the 80s synth music with hints of what it would become in T2. Ooo, maybe I can talk Craig into watching T2 tomorrow night.