February 1st, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

Bad sugar, bad!

One of the changes I've made over the last month was to cut down drastically on the sugar in my diet. My body doesn't like sugar, and I know from previous experience eating like this that it's successful. For the most part, it's worked. I haven't completely eliminated carbs, but I only have them at breakfast time, and I've had next to no sweet things. My weight is slowly creeping down, but most importantly, I've been feeling better.

I kind of blew it today. I had an insane craving for a soda, so we ran up to the 7-11 to get a Big Gulp, but they were out of my diet soda. And instead of going to the cooler, I said screw it and went with regular Mountain Dew. Which I totally should not have done.

I'm not angry with myself. Just a little disappointed. But it's only one day, and I've got the rest of the week mapped out meal-wise. Tomorrow is roasted chicken with a coconut and lime glaze, a new recipe I'm really excited about. Fingers crossed it turns out as good as it looks.