January 31st, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

Who knew I had it in me?

I have actually managed to post something every day this month. Apparently, scheduling it in my planner is the trick. :)

Today was a day of preparation. I finalized the rehearsal schedule, worked on the prop list, started talking to musician friends about intro music, and discussed costuming with the actors. Our first rehearsal isn't going to be until the 10th, but damn it, I'm going to be the most well-prepared director the festival has, lol.

Also, my mom is coming next week for a 3-week visit so I spent time tonight figuring out what I need to buy foodwise for her. She has the worst eating habits ever. She lives on potatoes, Kraft mac & cheese, greek yogurt, hot dogs, and coffee. Oh, and occasionally kidney beans. And always chocolate. She's always eaten like this. How she stays skinny---she's 5'7" and maybe 130 pounds soaking wet---I have never understood because she absolutely hates vegetables and prefers red meat to healthier options. She claims I cook weird. Because we eat a ton of Asian food and vegetables. The month of February is going to be interesting.

Oh, and I submitted a job application yesterday on the way to the theater. Our local library is looking for a very part-time library aide---only 11 hours a week over lunches Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday---and I thought, what the hell. It's some extra spending money and with Alex a junior, it wouldn't hurt to start finding things to fill time after he's off to college. I don't have high hopes about getting it, mostly because I don't speak Spanish and this is a very bilingual community, but we'll see. Compulsive organizing is my jam, and that's pretty much what they're asking for. And my inner 7 y/o child is squeeing with excitement about potentially working in a library.