January 16th, 2019

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

First directors meeting

Tonight was our first directors' meeting for the 10-minute play festival in March. Needless to say, I was sooooooo excited. I was very proud of myself for not even being nervous about walking straight up to the artistic director when she arrived and introducing myself. Being around strangers, most of whom already know each other, in a strange environment? Not my strong suit. But I did it, and I even spoke up several times during the meeting to ask questions or offer information. Go me. :)

The play I ended up with is a piece called You Haven't Changed a Bit. It's about a man and a woman, each in their 80s, attending their 70th year class reunion. She's never been one to one; he's been to all of them. As they reminisce, she learns that many of the people she remembers have passed away. Toward the end, she remembers that he asked her to the senior ball, but she'd already agreed to go with someone else. She's finally emboldened enough to go in when he tells her that they're the last two left. In fact, he was the reunion committee that's been trying to get her to come for years. He's made dinner reservations for two and asks her to join him. She says yes. And it fades to black with them going on their first date. I absolutely love it. It's bittersweet and hopeful, all at the same time. And if I don't get everybody going, "Awwwww," at the end of it, I haven't done my job.

Auditions are next week. I'm so eager for them, it's a little silly. Because the plays are so short, we're allowed to audition as well (we just can't be in our own show). I'm seriously considering it. There are a couple I'd be a fit for, but I might wait to see who shows up on the first day. If there's a ton of women in my age bracket who audition, I won't. I'd rather let somebody else have a chance.

Oh, and we learned that they're hoping to do all new one-acts next year by local playwrights instead. I would totally get on board with that. I haven't written a play in over twenty years, but it would be so much fun to get back into it.